Hi there, my name is Fernando

I'm a software engineer and fullstack Typescript developer.

Currently, I'm working full-time at Dekalabs as a Software Engineer.

My work mostly requires me to use React and Typescript but my experience includes Nodejs, Python, Web3, SQL, Mongo and more.


Stuff I've worked on


Teamnobox is a new breed of what we used to know as a digital agency. We developed a stunning bespoke website to help them communicate their disruptive ideas.

Tech stack: Nextjs, React, Typescript


The bible of Counter Strike: Global Offensive commands, settings and mods. CSGOConsole aims to be one of the leading websites for CS:GO configuration and customization.

Tech stack: VuePress, SSG, Netlify

React-admin Backoffice

Administrative backoffice panel I build for a previous company. React-admin helped us get up-and-running quickly and its sensible defaults and API made it easy to plug our backend and start working.

Tech stack: React-admin, Typescript

Origen Café

Origen Café is a local store that sells imported specialty coffee in Tenerife. Since the website's redesign their ecommerce has become a reliable sales channel.

Tech stack: Wordpress, WooCommerce


Preeze is a startup company that delivers beverages to your door-step in Sheffield, UK.

Tech stack: ExpressJs, MongoDB, UIKit


Marketing site for a car ownership transfer business. The site acts as a funnel to attract new clients to the business.

Tech stack: NextJs, Tailwind, NestJs, Docker